Belleville Doors

The original fiberglass door

With thousands of glass and panel combinations, Belleville fiberglass doors can match any style. Choose smooth, mahogany, oak, or fir grain texture to create the perfect exterior door to fit a variety of home styles.

Distinct architectural details
Design combinations to match any style
Thousands of glass options available
Durable — won’t rot or dent
Lifetime limited warranty

Available Textures

Smooth Fiberglass sample
Smooth Fiberglass
Mahogany Texture Thumbnail
Mahogany Fiberglass
Oak Fiberglass Corner Thumbnail
Oak Fiberglass
Fir Fiberglass sample
Fir Fiberglass

Belleville Doors

Belleville Smooth 2-Panel Cheyenne Plank

Belleville Smooth 3/4 Lite with Marco Glass

Belleville Modern Right Vertical Lite and Double-water Glass

Belleville Fir with Left Diamond Lites and Chord Glass

Belleville Fir 3/4 Lite with Tanglewood Glass

Belleville Smooth 3/4 Lite with Rozet Glass

Belleville Mahogany Full Lite with Sonnet Glass

Available Glass for Belleville Doors

Clear Privacy Rating: 1

Chord Privacy Rating: 9

Double Water Privacy Rating: 9

Pear Privacy Rating: 9

Pearl Privacy Rating: 9

Quill Privacy Rating: 9

Cross Reed (Coming Soon) Privacy Rating: 8


Mini Blinds

Trending Decorative Glass for Belleville Doors

Focus Privacy Rating: 5

Element Privacy Rating: 5

Marco Privacy Rating: 4

Chelsea Privacy Rating: 3

Rozet Privacy Rating: 5

Tanglewood Privacy Rating: 9

Cruz Privacy Rating: 8

Customize Your Belleville Door

Door Design

Select one of the numerous panel designs available to complement your style.


Choose from a number of glass options to add the perfect amount of natural light to a space.

Door Textures

Pick the perfect texture for maximum curb appeal: smooth, fir, oak, or mahogany.


Incorporate Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs) external or internal grids to personalize your door.

We Build a Better Door

Masonite fiberglass doors are low-maintenance and long-lasting. Click on the ‘+’ to learn more about each high-quality component of our fiberglass doors.