Sta-Tru Exterior Steel Security Door with Glass

Masonite High Definition Doors

When durability and cost savings are your top priority, HD steel doors are a great option. With a pre-applied primer, the doors are ready to paint in the color of your choice. Available in a wide range of profiles, sizes, glass and fire ratings, HD steel doors are perfect for front door or house-to-garage applications.

Designs to Match Any Style
Thousands of Glass Options
Pre-Primed and Ready to Paint
Available in 20 or 90 minute fire rating
15-year limited warranty (steel edge)
5-year limited warranty (wood edge)

Masonite HD Steel Doors

Masonite HD with Centered Rectangle Lites and Quill Glass

Masonite HD 1 over 3-Panel Equal with Double-water Glass

Masonite HD 4-Panel New England painted in Green

Masonite HD 3/4 Lite with Element Glass

Masonite HD with Centered Square Lites and Pear Glass

Masonite HD 2-Panel Square

Masonite HD Steel Door Design Options


2P Square

2P Roman

2P Plank Camber-Top

2P w/23 x 65 c/o

Hollister 2P

Craftsman 3P

3P Equal

3P Arch Top

4P Blank Top

4P New England


Available Glass for High-Definition-Steel Doors

Clear Privacy Rating: 1

Chord Privacy Rating: 9

Double Water Privacy Rating: 9

Pear Privacy Rating: 9

Pearl Privacy Rating: 9

Quill Privacy Rating: 9

Cross Reed (Coming Soon) Privacy Rating: 8


Mini Blinds

Trending Decorative Glass for High Definition Steel Doors

Focus Privacy Rating: 5

Element Privacy Rating: 5

Marco Privacy Rating: 4

Chelsea Privacy Rating: 3

Rozet Privacy Rating: 5

Tanglewood Privacy Rating: 9

Cruz Privacy Rating: 8

Masonite HD Features & Benefits

Pre-applied primer means your door comes ready to paint

Various panel designs available to complement your style

Numerous glass options to maximize natural light

Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs) external or internal grids allow for added customization

Available in 20 (wood-edge) or 90 (steel-edge) Minute fire ratings, providing the security of steel with Energy Star eligibility

Rot-resistant bottom rails combat rust as well as cracking and warping in wood edge or steel edge doors