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Price: Premium

Complement every interior with authentic wood stile-and-rail doors. Choose from 10+ wood species,* glass options and designs.

  • Stainable
  • 1-Year Warranty

Price: Standard

Personalize your space with authentic wood stile-and-rail doors, customizable by glass panels to accommodate a variety of designs.

  • Primed
  • 1-Year Warranty

Price: Standard

Providing better durability and sound reduction than hollow core doors, solid core doors feel more like a traditional wood door. Available in 12+ designs.

  • Primed
  • 7-Year Warranty

Price: Economy

For spaces where sound is not an issue, benefit from our cost-effective hollow core doors. Choose from standard flush or molded styles in 12+ designs.

  • Primed
  • 5-Year Warranty

Stainable Wood Doors

3 Panelite Equal (C30 w/glazing) in Fir with Cross Reeded glass

1 Panel Square Top (C11) in Cherry

6 Lite (3/4) Over Panel (506) in Poplar with Narrow Reed glass

1 Lite (1/2) Over 1 Panel (2081) in Mahogany with Pearl glass

1 Lite Craftsman (1/4) Over 3 Panel (2613) in Fir with Pear glass

8 Panel (C88) in Knotty Pine

4 Panelite Equal (C40 w/glazing) in Mahogany with Grey Tint glass

Paintable Wood Doors

1 Lite Craftsman (1/4) over 2 Panel (2612) in Primed with Rain glass

4 Panel Equal (C40) in Primed

4 Panelite Equal (C40 w/glazing) in Primed with Grey Tint glass

1 Lite (1501) in Primed with Pearl glass

1 Lite (1/2) Over 1 Panel (2081) in Primed with Everglades glass

5 Panelite Equal (C55 w/ Glazing) in Primed with Flemish glass

15 Lite Square Top (1515) in Primed with Classic Aquatex glass

Solid Core Doors

Solid – Lincoln Park







Hollow Core Doors

Hollow – Lincoln Park




2 Panel Square

2 Panel Arch

4 Panel Square